Benefits of a Humidifier in the Nursery

When setting up a nursery you tend to pick out everything from the wall colors to the cushion covers, but you forget one of the most important elements a humidifier. It is easy to forget, but something that can possibly help you avoid a lot of late nights and annoyed expressions. A humidifier can help ensure your baby’s health by offering him/her clean and pure air. To help you understand better we have listed down a few benefits of a humidifier in the nursery.


  • Protection - A baby's skin is soft and sensitive and requires constant moisturization. Which is why adding a humidifier will help fight dry air, and offer them with natural moisture to keep their skin hydrated. This is a great way to fight the dry air heating brings during winter seasons.
  • Health - When speaking of overall health the first thing most kids suffer from is a stuffy nose or a sore throat. As kids have a weak immune system they are constantly under attack by infections and other sicknesses. By adding a humidifier in their nursery you are able to add moisture to the air boosts breathing conditions, and allows the build of mucus as your baby sleeps comfortably.
  • White Noise - Another benefit of a humidifier in the nursery is the white noise it makes. This rhythmic and comforting hum is much like the whooshing sound a baby hears in the womb. So they can easily ease into a comfortable sleep, and ignore the sounds around them.
  • Skin Care - Dry skin, chapped lips, and red patches are common when your baby is not constantly moisturized. It is a common issue seen in the winter and fall season, which can easily be eradicated using a humidifier. The dry winter air can take away the moisture from their skin leaving them dry and irritated. To help restore the balance you need a humidifier that ensures a stable moisture level.


There are two ain humidifiers, one that offers warm mist and the other offers cool most. To determine which one is best for you, you must consider a few aspects. While warm mist can help kill germs and viruses; while ensuring the mucus built-up is cleared. The cool mist humidifier can help keep a normal room temperature, so in case your little one accidentally touches it they won't be harmed. Additionally, cool mist humidifiers are recommended for kids who suffer from croup. Which is why you must consider the important aspects when buying a humidifier and purchase the one that matches your needs.

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